Select Alternative Investments LLC is a registered investment advisor managing assets for clients throughout the U.S. who seek superior returns by co-investing with our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Kevin Means, CFA.  Mr. Means is a former hedge fund manager, five-star mutual fund manager, and founder/CIO of several investment firms.

Clientele.  Our clients, mostly individuals and families, are located throughout the U.S.  Many were investors in Mr. Means’ hedge funds.

Investments.  SelectAlts specializes in “go anywhere” long/short investing and tactical timing of exposures to asset classes, countries, currencies, sectors, industries, and investment factors (such as small vs large, growth vs value, etc.).  Investment decisions are based on Mr. Means’ 30 years of sophisticated quantitative research and its application to institutional portfolios of as much as $10 billion.  Our investment strategies emphasize non-market sources of return and the systematic exploitation of market inefficiencies related to value, momentum and quality.

Value Proposition.  We seek to provide outstanding returns with low fees.  For qualified clients, as an alternative to our low asset-based fee schedule, we offer a performance-based fee schedule that means we only get paid if we add value.  We invest alongside of our clients, whose interest we put ahead of our own.   Our commitment to our clients is that we will add much more return for them over time than what we charge in fees.