Our mission is to help investors diversify their core stock and bond portfolios by providing them with an alternative portfolio that has an attractive absolute return with a low correlation to stocks and bonds. By investing in passively-managed ETFs with low expense ratios and tight bid-ask spreads, using a low-cost broker/custodian with extremely competitive transaction, stock loan, and margin interest rates, and by charging fees that are well below average, we seek to provide a high degree of performance value-added at a reasonable cost compared to the usual methods of investing in alternatives.

The explosion in the breadth and liquidity of ETFs in recent years has provided a new opportunity to easily and inexpensively invest in an incredibly wide variety of investment niches.  The low cost of trading ETFs facilitates the dynamic shifting of exposures across many niches that had been heretofore difficult and expensive to trade tactically and opportunistically.  Our investment process is designed to fully exploit these opportunities.  We believe that we are the only firm focused on managing absolute return ETF portfolios.  At this early stage in the institutionalization of ETFs, there are few sophisticated competitors.